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Pete Leggett
Pete Leggett 1925 - 2004
This website is dedicated to the memory of our father, Pete Leggett.

Pete passed away peacefully at his home on May 4, 2004 after a two-year battle with lung cancer.

He devoted his life to his family, friends, and trapping.

After marrying Charlotte in 1944, Pete started dairy farming in 1947 and raised their 4 children - Ronald, Alethea, Craig, and Juanese.

Starting in 1984, Pete & Ron developed their trapping supply business with their wives, Charlotte and Betty.

After dairying for 43 years, Pete & Charlotte turned the dairy operation over to their youngest son, Craig, his wife Brenda, and their three sons.
Ron Leggett
Ron Leggett
Some of Pete's accomplishments with his son, Ron, and as self-taught trappers include:

• Taking their knowledge and sharing it with countless other people over the past 54 years.

• Promoting unity amongst all wildlife user groups.

• Ron was an instructor at Fur Taker's College for 16 years.

• Developed a billboard and bumper sticker program called "People Before Animals" in order to educate the public.

• Developed the "Trapper's Helper" and "Trapper's Bag".

• Developed their own line of lures - "K-9 Exciter"

• Authored two books and two videos on how to trap.

• Owned and operated their trapping supply store.

• Owned and operated Leggett's Nuisance Animal Removal Service
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