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Leggett's Fox Trapping
Leggett's Fox Trapping

Leggett's Autobiography of
Fox Trapping Methods
By Pete and Ron Leggett
This book contains great information on red fox and grey fox, pre-season planning, traps and equipment, lure amd bait, anti-freezing, set locations, step down dirthole sets, problems on the
line, pelt handling and more. 52 pages. Get your copy today!

Leggett's Autobiography of
Coyote Trapping Methods
By Pete and Ron Leggett
The secrets are revealed how the Leggett's trapped 337 coyotes in just 16 days. This book is a must for serious coyote trappers. Also includes detailed instructions for the deadly step-down dirthole set. 56 pages. Get your copy today!
Leggett's Coyote Trapping
Leggett's Coyote Trapping
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Leggett's Brand Lures
Try ours and see the difference.
We don't tell you it is the best, we let the lure decide for you!
The results are obvious!
Leggett's Predator Urine
Leggett's sells only the best predator urine available. In fact, it's what we use on our own line. Available in fox and coyote.
Leggett's Trapper's Bag
Leggett's Trapper's Bags are made of 1,000 denier with nylon straps.
They are easy to carry and it sits flat on the ground.
Leggett's Odorless Trap Wax
Not your run-of-the-mill wax! Traps are ready to use as soon as the wax hardens! Instructions included so you can be more confident.
Leggett's Choice Antifreeze
Traps simply won't work in the winter if they are frozen in. Use our antifreeze on your sets to keep them working all season long.
Leggett's Camo Cap
Embroidered lettering with RealTree and barbed wire design. Adjustable strap. Just the thing to show your pride in Leggett's products!
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