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Pete Leggett
This website is dedicated to the memory of our father, Pete Leggett.

Pete passed away peacefully at his home on May 4, 2004 after a two-year battle with
lung cancer.

He devoted his life to his family, friends, and trapping.

After marrying Charlotte in 1944, Pete started dairy farming in 1947 and raised their 4
children - Ronald, Alethea, Craig, and Juanese.

Starting in 1984, Pete & Ron developed their trapping supply business with their wives,
Charlotte and Betty.

After dairying for 43 years, Pete & Charlotte turned the dairy operation over to their
youngest son, Craig, his wife Brenda, and their three sons.

About the Leggett's

Pete Leggett 1925 - 2004

Our Accomplishments

Some of Pete's accomplishments with his son, Ron, and as self-taught trappers include:

• Taking their knowledge and sharing it with countless other people over the past 54 years.

• Promoting unity amongst all wildlife user groups.

• Ron was an instructor at Fur Taker's College for 16 years.

• Developed a billboard and bumper sticker program called "People Before Animals"
   in order to educate the public.

• Developed the "Trapper's Helper" and "Trapper's Bag".

• Developed their own line of lures - "K-9 Exciter"

• Authored two books and two videos on how to trap.

• Owned and operated their trapping supply store.

• Owned and operated Leggett's Nuisance Animal Removal Service

Ron Leggett

Ron Leggett

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