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Pete Leggett
This website is dedicated to the memory of our father, Pete Leggett.

Pete passed away peacefully at his home on May 4, 2004 after a two-year battle with lung cancer.

He devoted his life to his family, friends, and trapping.

After marrying Charlotte in 1944, Pete started dairy farming in 1947 and raised their 4 children - Ronald, Alethea, Craig, and Juanese.

Starting in 1984, Pete & Ron developed their trapping supply business with their wives, Charlotte and Betty.

After dairying for 43 years, Pete & Charlotte turned the dairy operation over to their youngest son, Craig, his wife Brenda, and their three sons.
Pete Leggett  1925 - 2004
Some of Pete's accomplishments with his son, Ron, and as self-taught trappers include:

• Taking their knowledge and sharing it with countless other people over the past 39 years.

• Promoting unity amongst all wildlife user groups.

• Developed a billboard and bumper sticker program called "People Before Animals" in order to educate the public.

• Developed the "Trapper's Helper" and "Trapper's Bag".

• Developed their own line of lures - "K-9 Exciter"

• Authored two books and two videos on how to trap.

• Owned and operated their trapping supply store.

• Owned and operated Leggett's Nuisance Animal Removal Service
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We would like to thank everyone that sent their condolences and made contributions in Dad's name to the various organizations.
A father and son team with over 74 combined years of trapping knowledge, who harvested over  1,000 predators each trapping season.  Leggett's products and methods have been praised by many and sought after by thousands.  The famous Step-Down Set they developed for fox has put thousands of fox in the fur shed for other trappers as well as Pete & Ron. 
1,220 Fox in 53 Days  - 2001 Season
Pete & Ron Leggett
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Now, the secrets of the Leggett's success are readily available.
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National Trappers Association

Member of Fur Takers of America
Ron is an instructor at the Fur Taker's College
2001 Fox Catch
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Nuisance Wildlife Animals
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"This is by far the best headlight I've ever used. It is directional and can tilt downward so you can easily see what you're doing or where you're going.. I totally recommend it."
                                                   Janet Hodge
                                            WVTA President
Coyote Trapping
Fox Trapping
Our nationally-acclaimed books are now available, on VHS and DVD format.  These videos are the perfect companion for our books. Each 90-minute video is of superior quality and provide expert instruction from Pete & Ron Leggett.
• Having trouble with fox and coyote walking away from your sets?
• Having trouble making large catches even though you have read every instruction book available?
• Leggett's instruction books and videos are filled with every detail they use to make the large catches you've heard they make. When trapping canines by the 100's is brought up, so is the Leggett name.
• Pete and Ron most certainly can't be doing it wrong with their top catches of 1,045 for '88-'89, 1,161 for '91-'92, 1,029 for '98-'99, and 1,220 red and grey fox for the 2000-2001 season. Plus, they are contracted to manage coyote each year on western ranches in January.